• Award Winning Products

    Kährs Oak Arctic, Gold Award winner for ‘Best Flooring’ in the House Beautiful Awards 2014.

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  • European Renaissance Collection

    A collection of classic floors based on the magnificent floor styles of bygone periods.

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  • Classic Nouveau Collection

    Oak is enhanced when brushed, stained and the board is given bevelled edges.

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  • With a focus on design

    Thickness: 14-20 mm
    Surface layer: 3.5-6 mm
    Guarantee: 30 years
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  • Our widest range of wood floors

    Thickness: 15 mm
    Surface layer: 3.5 mm
    Guarantee 30 years

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  • A slightly thinner surface layer

    Thickness: 13 mm
    Resandable: 2-3 times
    Guarantee: 20 years

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  • Refelcting true spirit

    Thickness: 10 mm
    Surface layer: 1.9 mm
    Guarantee: 20 years

    View Kährs Spirit
  • The thin designer floor

    Thickness: 7 mm
    Surface layer: 0.6 mm
    Guarantee: 12 years

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  • Kährs Activity

    Thickness: 30 mm
    Surface layer: approx. 3.5 mm
    Sandable: 2-3 times

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  • 2-layer for Professionals

    Thickness: 10.5 mm
    Surface layer: 3 mm
    Can be sanded: 2 times

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Environmental pioneers

We are dedicated to finding the most environmentally-friendly ways to produce our floors. We call it Beauty with a Conscience.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives

Design for personal choices

The appearance of any wood floor depends on a number of factors, such as the wood species, grain, knots etc.

Read more about our Board Patterns and Refining Treatment

Look after your Kährs floor

Our floors are durable and easy to keep clean. With proper maintenance, your wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come.

Maintenance methods

The final touch

With skirting boards you can create the final touch – not only to the floor, but also to the whole room.

Find out more about our Skirtings and Mouldings

Wood: ideal for flooring

Kährs only makes wood floors, a renewable flooring material.

Our wood species

Multi-layer construction

Multi-layer construction provides more stability than solid flooring, even when temperatures and ambient humidity vary according to season.

The best climate stability

Quality in wood since 1857

Kährs is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world. It is also one of the most innovative.

Our history

Choose the right surface

The surface treatment you select for your floor affects the natural beauty and durability of the wood.

Read more about our Surface Treatment

Kährs magazine

The best of nature refined by Kährs of Sweden.

Read Kährs magazine and get inspired

Fast and easy installation

Installing a Kährs floor is easy. The boards are joined together mechanically, using practically invisible joints.

Installation instructions

Joint Systems

Woodloc® 5S is the latest innovative glue-free joint system, with a special locking tongue to create even stronger joints.

Find out more about our Joint Systems

How to make a Kährs floor?

Take a quick tour in our factory in Nybro.

From the forest to the living room