Oak Romanov

The Heritage floors enhance an exclusive sensation of your habitat. Combined with the floor's distinctive wood texture, the deep brown nature oil patina breaths history and elegance. Micro bevels on the long sides of the board.

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  • Oil, 2420 mm, Microbevelled 2-sided, Brushed, Light smoked
Wood species Oak
Design 1-strip
Refining treatment Microbevelled 2-sided, Brushed, Light smoked
Grading Country
Surface treatment Oil
Article number 151N85EKFEKW240
Collection Heritage Collection
Range Kährs Original
Joint Woodloc® 5S
Colour Change Stained product - little colour change.
Hardness (Brinell value) 3.7
Dimensions 15 mm x 187 mm x 2420 mm
Package 6 boards
2.72 m²
22 kg