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Thank you for your interest in our beautiful, high performance wood flooring. We offer our professional customers up to three samples of flooring, which you can choose between two sizes: board width x 300 mm and board width x 50 mm.

You can find our floors easily in our Products section. When you have finalized your selection of samples, please complete the sample request with your contact and project information.

When you submit your sample order, you are also approving Kährs Internet policies.

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Sample size
SELECTED FLOORING 30cm x board width Remove
Walnut Atlanta - 151L30VA50KW180 Remove
Walnut Philadelphia - 152N55VA50KW 0 Remove
Rauli/Roble Roja FSC® and Fairtrade - 152N1BRRFBKW 0 Remove
Oak Nouveau Tar - 151N8AEK1EKW210 Remove
Oak Bean - 152N2BEKMBKW 0 Remove

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