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We have environmentally and quality certified our operations since the 1990’s. And, we have been publishing a transparent, audited EMAS Environmental report since1997. Many of Kahrs’ products contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points on construction projects.

Environmental pioneers

Kährs' long-term dedication to the environment has been internationally acknowledged. In 1993, we were the first wood floor manufacturer in the world to obtain ISO 9001 certification, and in 1997 we also achieved ISO 14001 certification.


We are dedicated to optimizing the use of raw material, in order to minimise waste and emissions to the environment. Nothing goes to waste.

By pre-cutting the logs that we ship to our factory, we achieve more efficient packaging and use of space – keeping transportation to a minimum and reducing waste material. The parts of the logs that can't be used in the production of wood floors are converted to biofuel. Some is used to produce energy to heat the Kährs factory.

The rest is sold to a local energy company and used to heat the whole neighbourhood. We are, in fact, a major producer of energy – whilst we also strive to reduce the energy that we use. Even the ash from the heating plant is re-used for fertilizing purposes in local forestry operations.

We use the wood from next door

Almost 70% of all the wood in production used comes from Swedish forests, while only 3% originates outside of the European Union. The oak logs that are bought directly from forest owners come from forests in southern Sweden, which are in average within a 160 kilometers radius to our sawmill. There are several environmental advantages of using locally-produced raw material. An obvious one is a reduction in transport. Another is being able to thoroughly check forestry methods and timber sources.


We constantly strive to further underpin our commitment to the environment and to create operations that are sustainable in the long term, in order to benefit both present and future generations.

Environmental and quality declarations and certificates

We follow the industrial standard of the Swedish Flooring Trade Association (GBR) for environmental declarations, so that we can provide environmentally relevant information on our products. Every production unit at Kährs applies environmental and quality systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and holds EMAS registration.

EMAS - voluntary EU eco-management

EMAS is the EU's voluntary eco-management and audit scheme. EMAS aims to streamline and constantly improve environmental work at companies and organisations and to pass on reliable messages to the market concerning the results of environmental work, by means of audited and approved environmental reports and other forms of environmental communication in advertising and marketing. Kährs has been registered with EMAS since 1997.

Download the Kährs EMAS environmental report 2016

Kährs report has been audited and approved by DNV Certification AB in accordance with EMAS. Download the approval document (in Swedish).

Last year's is available for download:

Kährs EMAS environmental report 2015
Kährs EMAS environmental report 2014
Kährs EMAS environmental report 2013
Kährs EMAS environmental report 2012
Kährs EMAS environmental report 2011

ISO — the international environmental management system

ISO 14001 is the international environmental management system, while ISO 9001 is the international quality control system. Below are the quality and environmental accreditations relating to all Kährs plants.

Download Kährs ISO 14001 certificate
Download Kährs ISO 9001 certificate

Responsible forestry

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council is an international membership organization that promotes the responsible management of the world's forests. Kährs has been certified since 2005.

Find Kährs FSC-certification

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes - is the world's largest organization for forest certification. Kährs is certified since 2013.

Find Kährs FSC-certification 1, FSC-certification 2, PEFC certificateAppendix certified sitesPEFC public document.