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The multi-layer wood floor, that we invented in 1941, proved not only to be the best and most stable flooring on the market; it was also the most environmentally friendly construction. It optimizes the use of the raw material, it is made from renewable resources and it is recyclable.

Multi-layer construction

Multi-layer construction provides more stability than solid flooring, even when temperatures and ambient humidity vary according to season. This is because crossed layers counteract the natural movement of the timber. By varying the direction of the fibers in the timber throughout the various layers, floors are less affected by changes in humidity in the indoor climate and are more durable.

Engineered flooring – better than solid wood floors

Kährs’ engineered flooring is also more eco-friendly than solid wood flooring as we use fast-growing wood species such as Pine for our core material, thereby using less of the valuable hardwood surface layer compared to solid wood flooring. Kährs patented its parquet technology in 1941, and since then we have been using it in all our flooring. By applying different characteristics and a variety of thickness of layers in our different product ranges we have created a variety of floors to suit every application.

Our multi-layered construction means that we can use the raw material more effectively, utilizing the whole log.

Kährs – sands like a solid

Kährs’ multi-layer construction uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below, which means it can be refurbished in exactly the same way as a solid floor.

Less raw material

Our multi-layered construction allows us to use the raw material more effectively, utilizing the whole log.

Solvent free

We constantly strive to find the most environmentally- friendly stains and lacquers, free from solvents. And our surfaces are easy to clean and maintain without the use of strong chemicals.

The best climate stability

Since wood is a natural material, that is affected by climatic changes, a wood floor moves with the seasons, i.e. it swells in high humidity and shrinks in low humidity. Kährs’ multi-layered construction minimizes this movement. It provides the correct balance between the layers – top, core and back – and ensures the floor remains stable in all conditions.

Nothing is wasted

At our production plant in Nybro, nothing goes to waste. The portion of the logs that we’re not able to use for floor production are turned into biofuel. Some of this fuel is used to heat our own facilities. The rest goes to a local energy company. About 45,000 people in our neighbourhood enjoy the warmth of our recycled wood.

Healthy production healthy floor

Back in 1984, Kährs was the first wood flooring manufacturer to utilize a water-based lacquer system to reduce emissions. Kährs meets European E1, Eo and California Air Resources Board – Airborne Toxic Control Measure (CARB-ATCM) Phase 1 and 2 standards.

Our everyday environmental work:

• We put our hearts into the crafting of every wood floor, aiming for the highest quality in terms   of both design and performance, for you and for generations to come.

• We only make wood floors – and wood is a renewable flooring material (a raw material that can be replaced within years).

• We only work with suppliers holding an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificate, or with those who are able to demonstrate that they operate environmentally-aware timber procurement.

• We invented the modern wood floor in 1941. This multi-layer wood floor construction means that the raw material is used in the most effective way. This method proved instant popular and is now used in wood floor manufacturing worldwide.

• In 1984, we became the first flooring manufacturer in the world to have an entirely solvent-free production process.

• Kährs floors are installed using the Woodloc® method, producing tight, secure joints without the use of glue.

• We only use the best stains and finishes available.

• The surfaces of our floors are easy to clean and maintain, without the use of strong chemicals.