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Rauli/Roble Roja FSC® and Fairtrade

Roja is a floor made from dual-certified FSC®-Fairtrade® wood. It has a red tone with a colour variation and a subtle even grain. Nature oil.

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  • Oil, 2421 mm, Brushed
Wood species Rauli/Roble
Design 2-strip
Refining treatment Brushed
Grading Town
Surface treatment Oil
Article number 152N1BRRFBKW 0
Collection World Collection
Range Kährs Original
Joint Woodloc® 5S
Colour Change Stained product, little colour change.
Hardness (Brinell value) 2.7
Dimensions 15 mm x 200 mm x 2421 mm
Package 6 boards
2.91 m²
23 kg