CherryCherry is a hard, stylish wood with a reddish appearance. It has a fine pattern, with a straight grain. The heartwood varies from a deep red, to a rich reddish-brown. Few wood species undergo as great a colour transformation as Cherry, as the wood darkens dramatically, becoming a dark reddish-brown colour.

Cherry (Lat. Prunus Serotina)

Family: Rose (Lat. Rosaceae)
Size: Cherry can grow up to 15-30 m in height. The trunk can grow to around 1.2 m in circumference.
Origin of Kährs Cherry flooring: USA
Hardness: Hardwearing and essentially as hard as Oak. Brinell value: 3.6
Colour change: Undergoes a dramatic colour change, as it darkens to a deep reddish-brown colour with age.