Birch is a pale, strong, soft wood - some 25% softer than Oak. It is pale cream in appearance and has a wavy figuring with clear knots. This species tends to amber over time. Birch is used for furniture, flooring and carpentry work.

Birch (Lat. Betula)

Family: Birch (Lat. Betulaceae)
Size: Birch can grow up to 98ft (30 m) in height. The trunk can grow to around 16ft (5 m) in circumference.
Ready to fell: 60-80 years
Origin of Kährs Birch flooring: Sweden
Hardness: About 25% softer than Oak. Brinell value: 2.6
Color change: Medium-strong. The pale, creamy color of Birch becomes reddish yellow with age.