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Refining Treatment

At Kährs, we continue to develop new ways to bring beauty and new design to our wood flooring, increasing possibilities for personal choices. We can further enhance the look and feel of our floors through a variety of techniques.


Brushing the surface highlights the natural structure of the grain and emphasizes the texture of the wood. Brushing effects vary, depending on the wood species. Brushes are made from different materials in varying levels of hardness, and brushing is often carried out along with other refining treatments such as staining and bevelling of edges.



Staining further enhances the wood’s natural color tones. It also allows us to apply new colors, thus completely transforming the appearance of the wood. Kährs offers a wide range of stained options – from the palest white, to rich charcoal shades.


Bevelled edges

The beveled edges of each individual board of Kährs 1-strip floors, imbues the floor with a distinct look. Kährs offers a number of floors with a bevelled edge finish in varying degrees, from “microbeveling” - tiny clarification and reinforcement of the edges created using sandpaper - to more prominent beveling on both the long and the short sides, for a rustic, robust appearance.

Bevelled edges


By using different tools for manual wood scraping and sanding, we can give a new wood floor a worn appearance. A great amount of handwork goes into each floor to achieve its rustic character.



This special process involves exposing the wood to air and ammoniac, which naturally alters the color and shade of each plank. ‘Smoking’ creates lighter effects, while ‘Carbonized’ is a longer process, producing more intense results.


Saw marks

This involves the same process as hand scraping. However, the surface marks are created to resemble those made by a chainsaw.

Saw marks