Oak Dome

Oak Dome is a stained oak floor in a warm white tone. The length of the board enhances the depth of the floor.

  • Matte finish, 71 1/4", Microbevelled 4-sided, Brushed
Wood species White Oak
Design 1-strip
Refining treatment Microbevelled 4-sided, Brushed
Grading City
Surface treatment Matte finish
Article number 37101AEKC1KW180
Collection Habitat Collection
Range Kährs Linnea
Joint Woodloc®
Colour Change Stained and will therefore change very little in color.
Hardness (Brinell value) 5 - 6
Dimensions 1/4" x 6" x 71 1/4"
Package 12 boards
35.09 sq ft
44 lbs
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