Beech is a hard, impact-resistant wood. It is pale to reddish-brown in color, with pink to orange overtones that turn golden over time. Beech has a straight grain and dense figuring, and is available with either very many or very few knots. Beech is used for furniture, flooring and wooden toys, as it is very soft when planed.

Beech (Lat. Fagus sylvatica)

Family: Beech (Lat. Fagaceae)
Size: Beech can grow to more than 40 m in height and have a circumference of around 5 m.
Ready to cut down: 100-120 years
Origin of Kährs Beech flooring: Sweden
Hardness: Softer than Oak. Brinell value: 3.7
Color change: Pink/tan becomes more golden over time.
Random fact: Beech leaves can be eaten, and historically Beechnuts have been used as an important feed for domesticated animals such as pigs. It is said that Johan Gutenberg discovered the art of book printing by seeing pieces of Beech bark leaving dark traces on white paper.