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We are dedicated to optimizing the use of raw material, in order to minimise waste and emissions to the environment. Nothing goes to waste.

By pre-cutting the logs that we ship to our factory, we achieve more efficient packaging and use of space – keeping transportation to a minimum and reducing waste material. The parts of the logs that can't be used in the production of wood floors are converted to biofuel. Some is used to produce energy to heat the Kährs factory.

The rest is sold to a local energy company and used to heat the whole neighbourhood. We are, in fact, a major producer of energy – whilst we also strive to reduce the energy that we use. Even the ash from the heating plant is re-used for fertilizing purposes in local forestry operations. During the last few years, we have managed to reduce our use of raw material by some 25%, through our dedicated environmental work.

We use the wood from next door

Almost 70% of all the wood in production used comes from Swedish forests, while only 3% originates outside of the European Union. The oak logs that are bought directly from forest owners come from forests in southern Sweden, which are in average within a 160 kilometers radius to our sawmill. There are several environmental advantages of using locally-produced raw material. An obvious one is a reduction in transport. Another is being able to thoroughly check forestry methods and timber sources.