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Technical Documentation

Technical information regarding Kährs flooring and flooring system products.

Technical Specifications & FactsOak

Kährs Linnea 1/4" (7 mm)
Kährs Spirit 3/8" (10 mm)
Kährs Original 9/16" (14 mm) Tongue & Groove
Kährs Original 9/16" (14 mm) Woodloc®
Kährs Original 5/8" (15 mm)
Kährs Activity Floor 1.18" (30 mm)
Wood & Wood Species

CSI Construction Specifications

The below documents are in MS Word format:

Naturals Collections and American Traditionals Collection   Condensed
Castle & Cottage Collection and Boardwalk Collection   Condensed
Studio and Mega Studio   Condensed
Kährs Linnea   Condensed
Builder Collection   Condensed
Kährs Activity Floor   Condensed
Kährs Spirit    
Artisan Collection    
Kährs Grande     
Kährs Avanti - Sonata Collection     
Kährs Avanti - Tres Collection     

CARB Compliance and/or Exemption Information

14mm Kährs Original CARB Compliance
15mm Kährs Residenzia (compliant but exempt)
7mm Kährs Linnea CARB Compliance
10mm Kährs Spirit CARB Compliance
CARB Compliant Plywood End Piece
CARB Advisory 2010 Fabricator Sell Thru Dates

Sound Ratings and Underlayment Information

Summary of Kährs Sound Testing Results
Sound Ratings: 15mm & Combo System
Sound Ratings: 7mm & Combo System
Sound Ratings: 15mm & Quietstride
Sound Ratings: 7mm & Quietstride
Sound Ratings: 11mm & Quietstride
Sound Ratings: 14mm & Quietstride
Sound Ratings: Combo System Over 10" Metal Joist
Acoustical Abatement Quietstride Specifications
Quietstride Flammability Tests
Combo System Underlayment Specification
Combo System Compression Test
Combo System Emissions Test

Declaration of Contents, Material Safety Data Sheets and Test Results

Declaration of Contents - 15mm
Declaration of Contents - 14mm ECOCore
Declaration of Contents - 7mm
Declaration of Contents - Spirit 10mm
Declaration of Contents - Artisan Collection
Declaration of Contents - Elegance Collection
Declaration of Contents - Grande Collection
MSDS - Spirit 10 mm
MSDS - Landobond Adhesive
MSDS - Mowic Bonding Adhesive
MSDS - Woca Oil - Factory Applied
MSDS - Floor Cleaner
MSDS - Kährs Releaseable Adhesive
MSDS - Tuplex Underlay
MSDS - Taylor 2012 Sealer
MSDS - Taylor 2022 System
MSDS - Quietstride
MSDS - Spray Cleaner EU
MSDS - Satin Oil
MSDS - Lacquer Refresher
MSDS - Remover
Quietstride by Kährs Recycled Materials
Formaldehyde Testing 15mm - Original
Formaldehyde Testing 10mm - Spirit
Kährs Formaldehyde Emissions Chart
Brinell Hardness Test
Kährs Activity Floor DIN Test Results
11mm Mega Studio Static Coefficient of Friction
11mm Studio Static Coefficient of Friction
Static Coefficient of Friction & Static Load Limit Testing
Point Load Resistance - Activity Floor

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