Chateau Oak

Chateau is an extremely rustic board with knots and cracks. Grande products may continue to develop their rustic nature after the floor has been installed; splits and cracks that occur after installation are normal and should be considered part of the timbers natural character.

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  • Oil, 2800 mm, Bevelled 4-sided, Brushed
Wood species Oak
Design 1-strip
Refining treatment Bevelled 4-sided, Brushed
Grading Country
Surface treatment Oil
Article number 201XDDEKF0KE280
Collection Grande Collection
Range Kährs Supreme
Joint Tongue & Groove
Colour Change Some muting of colour variation to medium, straw brown.
Dimensions 20 mm x 260 mm x 2800 mm
Package 4 boards
2.91 m²
38 kg
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