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Hard Maple

Hard Maple is a hard and durable wood species – 30% harder than Oak. Kährs Maple flooring is made from North American hard Maple. This wood species varies in appearance, from a creamy colour to a reddish-brown. It also undergoes a fairly major colour change as its creamy tone becomes golden with age. Hard Maple is an excellent wood for cabinet-making.

Hard Maple (Lat. Acer Saccharum, sugar Maple)

Family: Maple (Lat. Aceraceae)
Size: Hard Maple can grow up to 30 m in height. The trunk can grow to around 5 m in circumference.
Origin of Kährs Hard Maple flooring: USA
Hardness: Hard and hardwearing. Brinell value: 4.8
Colour change: Medium-strong, from creamy white to a more golden tone over time.