JatobaJatoba is a beautiful, hard and rich wood. The heartwood is salmon pink to orange-brown with a golden luster becoming russet to reddish-brown when seasoned. This luxurious wood is often marked with dark reddish-brown streaks and infrequently has natural silica spots. Jatoba is rich in color and depth, it will have a very pronounced color variation when exposed to sunlight.

Jatoba, Brasilian Cherry (Lat. Hymenaea courbaril)

Family: Fabaceae
Size: Jatoba trees are usually 30-40 m high, sometimes reaching 50 m in high forest. The trunk can grow up to 2 m in circumference.
Origin of Kährs Jatoba flooring: Brazil, Bolivia
Hardness: Extremely hard and strong. Brinell value: 7.0
Colour change: Jatoba changes to deep red brown.