Ash Gotland

Ash Gotland is a light, exclusive 1-strip floor. Nature's own design with knots and a lively structure. A characteristic is its bi-colour pattern. The darker core in Ash creates fantastic patterns and makes this a very special floor.

  • Silk matt lacquer, 2420 mm,
Wood species Ash
Design 1-strip
Grading Country
Surface treatment Silk matt lacquer
Article number 151L87AK50KW240
Collection Nordic Naturals Collection
Range Kährs Original
Joint Woodloc® 5S
Colour Change Pale cream darkens to straw tan.
Hardness (Brinell value) 4.0
Dimensions 15 mm x 187 mm x 2420 mm
Package 6 boards
2.72 m²
22 kg
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