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Woodloc® 5S & Woodloc®

Fast & easy to install

In 2010, Kährs launched Woodloc® 5S – the evolution of the market-leading Woodloc® system, with which Kährs revolutionised the flooring industry in 2000. Woodloc® 5S makes installing a Kährs floor even faster and simpler.

Kährs Installation Guides

Floor installaton checklist

• A floor can only be as good as the subfloor permits.

• To avoid moisture absorption, open the packages only when needed during installation.

• When installing, the temperature of the materials, subfloor and on site must be at least 18 °C.

• The relative humidity on site must be below 60%.

• The subfloor must be dry, clean, solid and sufficiently flat.

• Soft, elastic subfloors must be adjusted.

• Make sure that the correct vapour barrier is fitted.

• The foam plastic underlay (EPS) must have sufficient compressive strength.

• The foam plastic film must comply with applicable thickness tolerances.

• Put aside any damaged or faulty floorboards.