Kährs Luxury Tiles Dry Back vinyl floors are available in all manner of designs, from rustic wood-look to stone and concrete in a variety of inspiring motifs. As beautiful as they are stable, all our vinyl floors blend modern technology with classic craftmanship.


Maximal wear resistance

Luxury Tiles Dry Back vinyl floors are constructed of five layers, providing stability and wear resistance. A robust base and tough vinyl core combine with an extra-thick 0.7mm protective layer and a ceramic surface that withstands scratches, scrapes, moisture and ground-in dirt – for a vinyl floor that’s suitable even for spaces with intense levels of foot traffic.

Easy to clean

Thanks to a ceramic-treated surface, our Dry Back vinyl floors require minimal care and are simple to keep clean. They’re water-resistant and prevent dirt from getting stuck and leaving stains, which makes for easy cleaning using just ordinary household cleaners and a wet cloth.

Endless design possibilities

Our vinyl floors combine classic and inspiring looks with the latest in modern flooring technology. This enables many decorative choices for your home, while providing security in the knowledge that you’re getting a floor that will withstand all the challenges of daily use. See all Luxury Tiles Dry Back vinyl floors in our floor guide.

Perfect for underfloor heating

All vinyl floors in our Dry Back collection are perfect for laying over underfloor heating – a great way to make a comfortable floor even cosier.

Free from phthalates

Home is where we live, breathe and sleep. It’s where our children grow up. We want to make indoor environments as healthy and comfortable as possible. That’s why we manufacture all our vinyl floors completely without phthalates.