Geneva High School, located in a western suburb of Chicago, strives to meet the individual needs of each and every student. In the summer of 2014, Wright & Company took on the renovating design for the school to create a setting that builds a desire to learn.

Upofloor Quartz Tile was selected to be installed throughout the facility for its extreme durability, supporting over 3,500 psi. With a variety of colours and detailed patterns, the tile is visually appealing as well as resistent to heavy traffic and scuff marks. Because of its ease and low maintenance, the flooring was a cost-effective choice for the high school.

Location United States, Geneva, IL
Architect/Designer Wright & Company
Floor installer Vortex
Chosen flooring Quartz Mosaic 619322Quartz Mosaic 619359Quartz Mosaic 619323Quartz Mosaic 619329Quartz Mosaic 619344Quartz Mosaic 619363Quartz Mosaic 619366
Floor area 2,370 m²