In 2014 Wormland opened a new store at Leipziger Platz, Berlin. The store focused on trendsetters and design fans reflecting the urban flair of this city. Berlin has its own character, a feeling of independence and diversity. The Wormland Store features trendy brands which meet the creative scene with in-house music, books, perfumes, and creative store design with room art and high quality parquet featuring street art elements. A Kährs floor was chosen to give individual character to the space. The vintage oak boards of Kahrs Oak Tan with a brushed and hand scraped surface represent unique, urban scenery and give a very special and charming shopping experience.


Location Germany , Berlin
Architect/Designer Blocher Blocher Partners
Chosen floor Oak Tan
Photo credit Blocher Blocher Partners, Fotograf Joachim Grothus

Brown wood floors