Veneered Skirting 16x40 mm

Veneered skirtings add the final touch to your Kährs floor. Available in veneers of many differing wood species, these profiles offer design and style at affordable prices. Works for all thicknesses of Kährs floors.
Article number
InstallationClips make installation easy and give perfect results when installing veneered skirtings. Available for sale in 30 clips per package.
Surface treatment
Wood species
Surface color
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Article number Surface treatment Wood species Surface color Length
72243024EKVE 72243024EKVE
72243024VI50 72243024VI50
72243024EKMO 72243024EKMO
72243024EKHA 72243024EKHA
72243024EKTV 72243024EKTV
72243024EKAS 72243024EKAS 2400 mm
72243024EKSE 72243024EKSE
72243024EKOY 72243024EKOY
72243024EKEA 72243024EKEA
72243024EKFI 72243024EKFI Matt lacquer Oak 2400 mm
72243024EKDE 72243024EKDE Matt lacquer Oak Decorum 2400 mm
72243024EKSP 72243024EKSP Matt lacquer Oak Sparuto/Unico/Domo 2400 mm
72243024EKMA 72243024EKMA Matt lacquer Oak Maggiore 2400 mm
72243024EKKI 72243024EKKI Matt lacquer Oak Indossati/Dussato 2400 mm
72243024EKLI 72243024EKLI Matt lacquer Oak Powder/Linen 2400 mm
72243024EKKL 72243024EKKL Matt lacquer Oak Norderney/Abalone/Klinta 2400 mm