Kährs Tuplex

Underlay with integrated moisture barrier and overlap with glue tape, ideal for floating installation of parquet and laminate flooring, based on AirFlow technology, able to level up to 1,85 mm in case of uneven subfloors, suitable for underfloor heating
Kährs Tuplex has a buildup of a top layer with high vapor resistance, a permeable bottom layer and solid flexible polystyrene granules sandwiched in between.
Airflow Technology – Ventilate and seals out moisture, prevents mold formation under the floor.
Kährs Tuplex high compression strength secures that the ventilation works under load.
Polyethylene moisture barrier with overlap including sealing tape for installation on sub floor with RH up to 90%.
It has excellent acoustic properties. Reduces impact sound and walking sound.
Tuplex has excellent PC values and they eliminate slight variations providing an even and firm support to the flooring.
Kährs Tuplex is easy to work with, lays flat when the rolled out in straight lines.
Can be used in combination with floor heating systems
Age resistance > 50 years

Material: PE + Polystyrene
Impact Sound IS: 17 - 20 Db
Compressive strength CS: 18 kPa
Compressive creep CC: 2 kPa
Punctual conformability PC: 1,85 mm
Thermal resistance TR: 0,08 m2K/W
Water vapor resistance SD: 50 m
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Surface treatment
Wood specie
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