wide range of lvt floor designs

Our Luxury Tiles range combines the beautiful and natural appearance of wood and stone with all the benefits of modern resilient flooring. Here you find a wide range of floor designs.

Kährs Luxury Tiles: Modern, Durable Flooring Solutions for All Spaces, Featuring Phthalate-Free and PVC-Free Options

In Kährs Luxury Tiles, we offer a wide range of modern, high-quality floors for all types of spaces, providing excellent durability even in areas with high traffic. They are suitable for hotels, offices, restaurants, stores, private homes and hospitals alike.

Our Luxury Tiles are produced with focus on promoting a good indoor air quality; all our floors are phthalate-free and we also offer a PVC-free range - Xpression. Below is an overview of our flooring collections from Luxury Vinyl tiles to PVC-free Enomer® wood look planks. You may also read more in Kährs Luxury Tiles brochure or contact us for more information.


Our Click collection has been designed for home and public environments that require floors with adhesive-free installation that are both beautiful and tough. They come in a variety of wood and stone designs. Maximum durability and stability is achieved through the rigid core and the unique 5 G locking technology. Both these features also contribute to making these floors easy to install. Meanwhile, the IXPE sound reducing backing system effectively controls noise and make the floors comfortable to walk on.


The Kährs Luxury Tiles Click collection feautures a range of narrower and shorter boards – L and R boards – specially designed for herringbone patterns. They are installed using high quality Click system to ensure stability. Please note that these floors don’t come with sound reducing backing, as they only measure 5 mm. They come in various beautiful wood designs, in colours ranging from light to dark.


Our Dry Back collection is available in a wide selection of wood and stone designs. The wood designs range from traditional to elegant herringbone and rustic, while the stone designs span from classic stone to concrete. There are three versions with 0.7mm, 0.55mm and 0.3mm wear layer thickness.


Made of our innovative, unique material Enomer®, the Dry Back Xpression floors have been specially developed with health in mind. The range includes PVC and plasticizer free luxury planks and tiles developed and designed to please the eye, as well as benefit the environment.


The Kährs Luxury Tiles Loose Lay collection consists of a range of modular floors featuring wood and stone designs. They are easy and fast to install, featuring a non-slip reverse side requiring no adhesive. This makes them perfect for both permanent and temporary use, such as for fairs and shows. The floors are 5.0 millimeter thick, which makes them ideal for combining with textile without any difference in level.