The Aware Collection is a bio-based, natural floor designed to withstand family-life and the wear and tear of commercial applications, while offering the style, beauty, and feel of a wood floor. Based on reclaimed and recycled natural fibers, Kährs Aware is a durable flooring collection for the modern consumer seeking comfort with no compromises on sustainability and design.

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With colors inspired by national parks around the world - from the white, foggy Bwindi Forest in southwest Uganda to the warm brown Rocky Mountains in the east - the collection features a range of 9 different rustic and beautiful wood design planks: Bwindi, Kappadokien, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Serengeti, Jasper, Yellowstone, Smoky, and Rocky.

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Sustainability at its core

Made from bio-based materials such as: recycled cork from wine corks, HDF from recycled wood, and natural fibers and fillers. 

A natural Co2 container

Take a step to reduce your carbon footprint with Aware! Cork and wood are key ingredients in the Aware Collection both acting as 100% natural CO2 retainers that bind carbon dioxide. Plus, the cork material is made from recycled wine cork production, giving a second life to what would have been waste.

Easy to install

The Aware Collection floors are easy to install and uninstall, thanks to the Kährs standard Uniclic joint on both the short and long side, allowing a 2-way installation -making the install process quick, easy, and clean, 

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The Aware Collection is designed for family-life or the wear and tear of any commercial application, while offering the style and beauty of a wood floor. With a Class 33 rating, the Aware floors are suitable for commercial applications like stores and restaurants.

Healthy indoor air quality 

Aware is made from bio-based materials, contains no plastic or harmful materials, and is 100% free from PVC materials, making it a better choice for indoor air quality. 

Soft to walk on 

The Aware Colletion's construction includes elastic properties, so when footsteps fall on the floor, the experience is highly comfortable and pleasant - making the Aware Collection your feet's best friend, offering a warm, cozy feeling.


1. Wear resistant Layer 

The top layer is resistant to wear and tear, with an ultra matte surface featuring wood grain embossing. The innovative protection on this finishing layer gives an excellent scratch resistance and seals the surface against stains, chemicals, and dirt. The durability enables a long lifetime in both homes and public premises. 
This layer creates the durability that makes Aware suitable for Wear Class 33 applications, such as Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés, in addition to Residential applications. 

2. Design Layer 

The design layer - or the "fun" layer, as we say - is where the wood design is printed, creating the unique look of each floor. We print directly on the plank to give it a wood feeling with knots and graining, in accordance with Kährs' design ethos. There are 15 uniquely patterned boards in each color design, ensuring a low rate of pattern repetition for a natural look.

3. Comfort Layer 

The comfort layer in this product is part of the innovations that make this product unique. It has elastic attributes to ensure a pleasant walking experience, with high comfort and a warm feeling. It reduces walking sound significantly and adds to the product’s excellent acoustic properties. This layer makes the Aware collection up to 40% quieter than a typical floor.  

The elasticity of the comfort layer is enabled by a bio-based material which is compressed under high pressure into a hard and thin layer. It is on this thin layer that the decorative layer is then printed, to give an authentic wooden design and feel.

4. High Durability Layer 

This layer adds to the stability and durability of the floor, thanks to high quality HDF made partly made from old scrap wood. This layer gives strength to joints and keeps the floors solidly stable.
The high quality HDF also allows you to install this floor by fireplaces, big windows, and in combination with underfloor heating, since it provides climate stability in the floor and does not react to changes in temperature. 

5. Cork Backing 

Thanks to the cork backing, this floor requires no extra underlayment. The backside of the plank is made of recycled wine corks, giving a second life to waste material. This gives the Aware floors sound reducing properties, since cork dampens vibrations, increases walking comfort, and helps to even out small deviations on the subfloor. Plus, cork is a natural CO2 retainer, meaning it aids in a better carbon footprint.

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