Installing a wood floor from Kährs is quick and simple thanks to our innovative locking system Woodloc®. The Woodloc-system locks the boards together mechanically, eliminating gapping between the boards. The superior fit also enhances the floor's performance and durability. Prepare yourself to install your hardwood floor by watching our instruction film and/or
reading our installation instructions.

Before you start

It is important that the relative humidity remains between 30-60% during and after installation. Room and material temperature should remain between 55°-85° F. DO NOT acclimate Kährs flooring, open cartons only as you need them.


The Subfloor must be: FIRM with no movement. FLAT within 1/8" over an 8 foot radius. FREE of moisture and debris.

Read more about preparing subfloor and underfloor heating. Take a look or download the PDF.

Instruction films

Normal installation


The last row

Quick tips

Some helpful tips

If you’ve installed a hardwood floor before, you’ll probably just need a few tips to make the floor installation easier:

  • First, calculate how many boards you need for the room’s width. If the width of the last row measures less than 3", rip the boards to be used in the first row in half.
  • Open a few packs and mix up the boards to get a good color distribution. Check the boards for any defects.
  • Check that there is allowance for expansion between the wall and floor.
  • Use proper tools for installation.
  • Engage long edge first at a 30° angle or less.
  • Use Kährs knocking block to ensure proper locking of the short joints.
  • Tap boards on the middle core, never the wear layer.
  • Make sure there are end joints in each row.
  • Ensure that there are is a 20" (12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 30mm) or 12" (7mm and 10mm) stagger of the end joints in adjacent rows.
  • Trim the final board to the right length and start the next row with cut-off piece.

Detailed instructions

Float-In Installation

Woodloc®: 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm

Woodloc® 5S: 13mm, 15mm

Woodloc® 5G: 13mm and 7mm

Woodloc® 5G into Woodloc®: 13mm

Glue-Down Installation

Woodloc®: 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm

Woodloc® 5S: 13mm, 15mm

Tongue & Groove: 15mm, 20mm

Bloc Collection: 15 mm

Chevron Collection: 15mm

Nail-Down Installation

Tongue & Groove: 20mm Grande Collection

Woodloc®: 12mm, 13mm,15mm

Woodloc® 5S: 15mm