Quarter Round 3/4" x 3/4"

Used where floors or treads meet a vertical surface, for example: wall or riser material on stair. Covers required expansion space in floating floor applications, adds decorative finish to all installations. Can be used alone or in combination with Wall B
Article number
InstallationNailed or glued to wall or Wall Base.
Surface treatment
Wood specie
Surface colour
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Article number Surface treatment Wood specie Surface colour Length
702172EK50 702172EK50 Semi-Gloss White Oak
702172EK5E 702172EK5E Semi-Gloss White Oak Dark reddish brown
708172EKFV 708172EKFV Matte Red Oak White pores
702172EK5M 702172EK5M Satin White Oak Pecan
702172JH50 702172JH50 Semi-Gloss Eucalyptus
708172EKF0 708172EKF0 Matte Red Oak
702172AP50 702172AP50 Semi-Gloss Hard Maple
702172EKA0 702172EKA0 Matte White Oak Dark brown
702172AK50 702172AK50 Semi-Gloss Ash
702172EK0D 702172EK0D Matte White Oak White
702172VA50 702172VA50 Semi-Gloss Walnut
702172ER50 702172ER50 Semi-Gloss Red Oak
702172EK7C 702172EK7C Glossy White Oak Medium brown
702172EK5L 702172EK5L Low Gloss White Oak Mocha
708172EKFB 708172EKFB Matte Red Oak Blue / white
702172BK50 702172BK50 Semi-Gloss Beech
702172CH50 702172CH50 Semi-Gloss Cherry