Upofloor is now being brought fully under the Kährs brand, and moving forward, the Upofloor resilient products will be Kährs branded and become part of the Kährs product offering. 


Kährs and Upofloor merging brands

In 2012, as part of the mission to offer "floors beyond expectations," Kährs Group acquired Upofloor, an industry pioneer in resilient flooring. Upofloor is now being brought fully under the Kährs brand, and going forward, the Upofloor brand will become part of the Kährs product offering as "Kährs Upofloor." While the name of the Upofloor brand is changing, the products will remain the same: high-performing, extremely durable, aesthetically bold, and environmentally friendly.

The Kährs and Upofloor brands are extremely compatible, as both are well-respected innovators in the flooring industry. Since the 1950s, Upofloor has been a revolutionary leader in the commercial flooring industry, and since 2000, has led the industry as a pioneer in PVC-free flooring. As one of the oldest wood flooring manufacturers in the world, Kährs holds prestige as the inventor of the first engineered hardwood floor as well as being the first to offer a glueless locking system on wood flooring. With these brands joining forces, Kährs Flooring will be the one-stop-shop for sustainable, high-quality flooring for any space and style.

“Kährs has been working diligently the last several years to expand our portfolio of flooring products, making sure that any brand we integrate follows our mission of environmental responsibility. Upofloor has been a strong brand within our group and the migration under the established Kährs name will only help to further solidify our mission of producing high quality flooring without the use of strong chemicals and with a low long-term environmental impact.”   - Sean Brennan, President Kährs Group Americas

With options ranging from Kährs hardwood floors and Luxury Tiles to Kährs Upofloor PVC-free resilient flooring and clean-PVC Quartz flooring, rest assured that Kährs Flooring offers a beautiful, sustainable product for any residential or commercial space.

As the Kährs company has been driven by innovation and sustainability since 1857, you can continue to expect outstanding quality, design, and environmentally conscious products from the entire Kährs family of products, including Kährs Upofloor. Visit www.kahrsflooring.com or www.upofloor.com for more information.

For more information, please contact:
Kali Kupp, Kährs US Marketing Manager, kali.kupp@kahrs.com

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