This industrial-style Berlin home is a showcase of smart design combined with urban aesthetics. 


Wood adds warmth

This industrial-style Berlin home is a showcase of smart design combined with urban aesthetics. The space was naturally quite dark to begin with, so rather than try to change this, the owners emphasized it with a colour palette to match. Meanwhile, natural oak floors soften the mood and bring warmth to the restrained, yet glamorous interior.

This multilevel apartment offers a continual extended living space spread over four floors, each space connected to the next by industrial-style metal staircases. The home was designed as an open-plan living space with floor-to-ceiling windows added to let natural light in. Throughout the home, natural oak floors have been used to contrast the dark walls, design pieces and quirky objects.

Multiple shades of grey in the bedroom-level lounge area create an equally moody but slightly softer feel than the black downstairs. The varying textures of wood, leather, concrete, carpet and linen keep the effect interesting.

Natural wood floors

A true classic, a natural wood floor will add a sense of warmth and natural beauty to your home. Depending on the design, they can be lively or calm, rustic or elegant. Our wide selection includes different board sizes, surface treatments and shades from light and airy to rich and golden.

Floors chosen for this home:

Dining area: Oak Palazzo Rovere. This elegant floor features a natural Oak floor in a classic Dutch pattern, reminding of the magnificent flooring styles of previous centuries. However, this modern engineered floor is easy to install and maintain.

Living area: Oak Johan. The natural oil surface on this Oak plank floor enriches its golden-brown color, and accentuates the knots and cracks of the timber for a truly rustic expression. Each board is carefully brushed and hand-scraped to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the texture of the wood.

Bedroom: Oak Sugar. The warm brown hues in this plank, FSC-certified Oak floor create a clean expression with few knots and little color variation. The silk matte finish gives the floor a flawless appearance bringing out the natural character and protecting the wood from daily wear.

Upstairs hallway: Oak Tower. This warm Oak floor features a muted color palette which add depth to its clean expression. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood.

Bar: Oak Siena. This Oak strip floor feature color variations ranging from medium to straw blonde. The strips are selected to provide a calm appearance, but still with certain degree of variation in the grain, creating a slightly rustic appearance. The surface is treated with a silk matte finish for silky soft, yet durable surface.

Oak Tower
Oak Johan
Oak Sugar