Nature is a wonderful creator of diversity. Different wood materials have different color, character and pattern depending on where in the tree it is sawn.

To utilize it, we have developed a unique system to review and sort the sawn timber by character and appearance. Brushed, bevelled, distressed, matte or gloss. Kährs give the traditional wood floor a modern edge, using our own techniques to add dimension and character.

Our floors are available in a wide range of different wood species, as well as different natural grains and colour variations, because the character of the wood is just as important for the overall look. Our long experience in producing engineered wood floors means that we can manufacture and offer flooring with a variety of looks, expressions and styles.

Surface treatment

A wood floor is always soft and warm to walk on. The overall experience both in terms of feel and appearance depends on the surface treatment.

Finished and oiled floors

Design features

We continue to develop new ways to bring beauty and new design to our wood flooring range, increasing possibilities for personal choices.

Different design features

Board pattern

Plank floor, 2- or 3-strip floor or a patterned floor. We have a wide range of wooden floors so that you can decide the expression in your interior.

Planks and patterned floors


Our wooden floors are available in different gradings, each with a unique character. The grading depends on which part of the log is used when producing each individual board..

Clean and rustic floors