"We have committed to becoming circular and this is another step in that direction. We are particularly pleased to be able to show that it is also possible to recycle installation waste from PVC-free resilient floors", says Sustainability Manager Therese Gerdman.


Installation waste from Kährs’ PVC-free products becomes new floors

Kährs has shown that it is possible to recycle PVC-free floors and reuse the material by using installation waste from its flooring products Zero Sheet, Zero & Green and Xpression. Since 2010, Kährs has recycled production waste from its PVC-free resilient floors, and last year the program was expanded to include recirculation of installation waste. Important steps in a circular direction.

Saving the earth's resources by reusing and recycling as much material as possible is important for our society, the flooring industry and Kährs. Since 2010, Kährs has recycled waste material from the production of its PVC-free floors at the factory in Finland and now the recycling of installation waste is also included in the company's recirculation program. This is done by collecting residual material from construction sites which is sent back to the factory in Finland where they it is turned into new floors.

Sustainability manager Therese Gerdman explains "We have committed to becoming circular and this is another step in that direction. We are particularly pleased to be able to show that it is also possible to recycle installation waste from PVC-free resilient floors".

Recirculation of installation waste is carried out within the framework of the GBR's (Swedish National Flooring Industry Association) national recycling system in Sweden and the Swedish flooring industry's common system for collecting installation waste. It is open to all GBR-affiliated resilient flooring manufacturers. Kährs is actively working to find recycling solutions and partners within its other markets and for other floor types.

"This is an important step in our sustainability work where Kährs Sweden is now the first to take back and reuse installation waste from PVC-free resilient flooring. We are actively working to find solutions to be able to expand this work to more markets and to also be able to recycle end-of-life products," says Therese Gerdman.

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About Zero and Xpression
Zero and Luxury Tiles Xpression are Kährs' product series of PVC-free floors with outstanding environmental properties and specially adapted for demanding commercial and public premises. Since its introduction to the market 20 years ago, approx. 5 million m2 Zero has been installed in interiors with high demands, such as healthcare and education where, to this day, it retains good results and appearance due to its unique qualities and durability.

Read more about Kährs Zero and why the floor is particularly well-suited to flooring projects in education and healthcare which have high demands on both performance and sustainability, whilst maintaining low total lifecycle costs. The Kährs Zero & Green range is environmentally certified with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

About production waste
Production waste includes materials that are left over during the manufacturing process in Finland, such as when edges are clean-cut. Since 2010, Kährs has brought this waste back into production, where it becomes new floors.

About installation waste
Installation waste is the material left over at construction sites during the installation of flooring. This includes leftover rolls, edge pieces, or similar items. The waste is collected and sent to our factory in Finland, where the material is inspected, sorted, and processed into new flooring. Any material that cannot be recycled is sent for energy recovery. Thanks to the mineral-based material, Enomer®-made floors do not contribute to the rapid spread of fire in emergency situations and do not generate hazardous combustion gases such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen cyanide.

About end-of-life materials
When a floor needs to be replaced it reaches its "end-of-life" and we strive to be able to take care of this material in a responsible way to protect the earth's resources. At Kährs we have committed to circularity and work actively to find solutions that can extend the life of and create resources from used products and materials.

About GBR
Flooring installers who are connected to GBR ensure that installation waste from construction sites (in Sweden) is collected and transported.