We have the flooring accessories that help you install a perfect hardwood floor. A beautiful floor is about the small details. Therefore, Kährs also offers a complete range of flooring accessories such as skirtings and mouldings, installation products, maintenance and repair products.


A skirting board creates the perfect finishing touch; not only to the hardwood flooring, but also to the whole room. We offer a variety of skirting boards that are colourmatched to all Kährs floors.

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Kährs mouldings add the perfect finishing touch to any hardwood flooring. Even the most complicated installations are achievable, due to the simplicity of every moulding in our range.

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Installation products

Kährs offers a wide range of installation products and tools for hard wood flooring, aimed at providing a complete turnkey solution for both professional floor installers and private individuals.

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Maintenance & repair products

Kährs provides a broad range of maintenance and repair products. If you maintain it well, your hardwood flooring will last even longer and always look clean and fresh. Kährs original products are by far the best for your hardwood floor.

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