How we decorate our homes in 2024 will continue to be based upon colour and the feeling of comfort, our homes will be our safe havens.


How do we want to decorate our homes in 2024?

Kährs design manager Petra Lundblad is as always looking ahead, collecting impressions and analyzing movements in the way the society and the design community use colour and form to create a desired emotion. She has captured the essence of the macro trends she believes will influence our interior design choices in the coming year and arranged these into four different trend directions.

"Design is to always be on a look out for the next thing to come, a search to detect and understand needs and their solutions in a way that aim for being increasingly clever so that we use the resources of this planet in ever smarter ways."

How we decorate our homes in 2024 will continue to be based upon colour and the feeling of comfort, our homes will be our safe havens. We want to express ourselves and be true to our values, we seek materials and designs that endure, that speak to us on a deeper level, and that minimize our impact on the planet.

We find beauty in the raw and the unpolished, balanced by the darkness that will create a cosy atmosphere whilst the tranquil nudes will create calm. Apricot and pastels will bring joy and dreamlike interiors.  Earthy tones like green and brown will take you back to nature and a return to what feels familiar and genuine.

The macro trends 2024:


The trend or direction that we call Awareness was also spotted last time we reflected over the macro trends. The reason is that we believe Awareness is not really a trend, it is a choice, a way of being. Responsibility and the wellbeing of people and planet are considered when selecting materials and products.

Oak Vapor, Earl Grey Wide, Aware Kappadokien 

“This shift in consumer awareness has given rise to a new design philosophy that places honest and timeless materials at the forefront. Gone are the days when fast and cheap were the primary criteria. Instead, we seek materials and designs that endure, that speak to us on a deeper level, and that minimize our impact on the planet.”

Awareness is represented by timeless neutral tones offering a sophisticated and calming impression. These neutral palettes are often inspired by organic materials, further strengthening the connection to nature and sustainability.



In a time of uncertainty and rapid change, we all look for a place where we can find peace and tranquility, a utopia where hope and optimism prevail. Water, which has always been a symbol of life and purity, emerges as the ultimate sanctuary, a sacred refuge where we can be our true selves.

Ash Sandvig, Zero Sheet 5753 Aquamarine, Oak Urban Brown Plank, Oak Brownie

“With a hopeful and positive mindset, we face the future, not as an alien and daunting place, but as a familiar setting, offering both calmness and potential. This calmness of Utopia serves as a bridge between the past and the future, a retro future where old ideas blend with new possibilities.”

Utopia is defined by that we want to show who we are using colour and shape as playfully undulating shapes in the design expression. The floors are allowed to take up space and be expressive - preferably combined with interior elements in nostalgic pastels with hopeful Apricot as the star in the palette.



In a world of constant change, we all seek various ways to escape the stresses of reality. Escapism becomes more than just a mental diversion; it becomes an art form, reflected in mysteries that invite to contemplation and technologies that open new worlds.

Oak Nouveau Tawny, Oak Ulf, Oak Pearl Grey Plank

“Besides the elements of mystery and technology, Escapism is about colours that provide a sense of comfort as well as luxurious materials that make us dream.”

The floors inspired by Escapism are dark and expressive, aiming to create comfort spaces with tactile materials and rounded shapes in design. The colour scheme is dark and musty and we find beauty in more rustic raw materials.



In a world that's constantly rushing forward, it's important to stop and reflect. Air, the element that's always around us but seldom seen, becomes a symbol and a reminder to breathe and find balance in life.

Oak Frozen Hazelnut Plank, Oak Nouveau Greige, Oak Seed, LT Click Coconino

“Inspired by nature and its plant-based wonders, we seek a lifestyle as balanced as the ecosystem we come from. Reflect is not just about physical well-being, but also about a mental attitude and a return to what feels familiar and genuine.”

The reflect trend means to turn to nature and natural raw materials as a powerful source of inspiration, a way to remember and appreciate the simple things in life where materials and craftmanship is put to the forefront.

For people identifying with Reflect, floors don't just occupy space but narrate stories and the interior and flooring colours include raw earthy tones, complemented with green and clay tones and texture.


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