Different species of birch tree are a common feature in European landscapes. Birch wood has many uses from pulp for making paper to wood floors. Its aesthetic properties make birch wood ideal for parquet flooring as well as furniture.


A boost for birch wood floors

Birch is a common tree throughout Europe's forests. In Sweden, where we source most of our birch wood, it’s the most common deciduous tree, growing throughout the whole country. While there are several species of birch tree, their characteristics remain similar so there is usually no distinction made between their wood.

Birch wood is ideal for making furniture, tool handles and wood floors. The wood has a characteristic light hue with a varied grain pattern. It can be completely smooth or beautifully textured. When birch ages, it gets darker with a reddish yellow tint. But, its creamy white colour returns once sanded.

A boost for birch wood floors

In the beginning of the 20th century, birch wood was popular for furniture, tools and wood floors. It lost its popularity towards the 21st century but has now returned as a common wood in our homes again. The trend for light colours means modern interiors often feature birch both as decor details, furniture and flooring.

Not only wood floors

Birch wood is used widely in the pulp industry, especially when producing finer qualities of paper. Its fine fibres give an even surface and light scattering. However, birch is about more than wood floors and paper. The trees produce sap from which you can produce wine and syrup. In fact, the birch is one of the most important trees to know about in a survival situation. Both the bark and shoots are nutritious and you can even use birch leaves as a laundry detergent to wash clothes.

Birch wood floors from Kährs

Below is a selection of the many birch wood parquet floors we manufacture at Kährs. You can see all our wood floors in our floor guide.

Birch wood floors