Hard Wax sticks Kit

Meltable wax bars for reparations of scratches and damages in wood or laminate flooring.
Easy to use
Solvent free
The wax bars are melted into the damage with a melting device
The different colours of the wax bars can be mixed to get a perfect match to the floor
After hardening, a couple of seconds, cut off surplus with a spatula and the reparation is done.
Hard wax does not sink and is light proof.
Unlimited shelf life
Available in a set of 10 different colours
Article number
Surface treatment
Wood specie
Surface colour
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Article number Surface treatment Wood specie Surface colour
710617 710617 HW-600/Black
710613 710613 HW-560/Dark Brown
710612 710612 HW-556/Medium brown
710614 710614 HW-572/Brown
710610 710610 HW-510/Terracotta
710611 710611 HW-511/Mocca
710608 710608 HW-501/Creme
710616 710616 HW-1029/Sand
710609 710609 HW-504/Creamy white
710615 710615 HW-655/White
710607 710607 HW-01/Light Grey
710525 710525 10 different colours