Solid Bevel Cover Strip 58x20 mm

Level mouldings are used for making a smooth transition between floors of differing heights.
InstallationComes with track system for easy installation.
Article number
Surface treatment
Wood specie
Surface colour
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Article number Surface treatment Wood specie Surface colour
7026024EKTE 7026024EKTE Ultra matt lacquer Oak Terra/Dusk
7026024EKSH 7026024EKSH Ultra matt lacquer Oak Shore/Eclipse
7026024EKCA 7026024EKCA Ultra matt lacquer Oak Coast/Twilight/Dim
7026024EKHO 7026024EKHO Ultra matt lacquer Oak Horizon/Aurora/Mist
7026024EKSK 7026024EKSK Ultra matt lacquer Oak Sky/Rime/Vapor
7026024AKAI 7026024AKAI Ultra matt lacquer Ash Air
7026024EKSU 7026024EKSU Ultra matt lacquer Oak Dublin/Verona/Sun/Rise/Dawn
7026024EKPA 7026024EKPA Ultra matt lacquer Oak Paris
7026024EKVN 7026024EKVN Oak
7026024EKGU 7026024EKGU Oil Oak Gustaf
7026024EK1L 7026024EK1L Matt lacquer Oak Paris
7026024EKRI 7026024EKRI Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Rich/Ale
7026024EKBL 7026024EKBL Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Blonde/Pale
7026024EKGA 7026024EKGA Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Gray/Alloy
7026024EKTW 7026024EKTW Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Tawny/Brownie
7026024EKHA 7026024EKHA Matt lacquer Oak Handbörd
7026024EKTV 7026024EKTV Matt lacquer Oak Tveta
7026024EKFI 7026024EKFI Matt lacquer Oak Finnveden
7026024EKKI 7026024EKKI Matt lacquer Oak Kinda
7026024EKAS 7026024EKAS Matt lacquer Oak Aspeland
7026024EKSE 7026024EKSE Matt lacquer Oak Sevede
7026024EKYD 7026024EKYD Matt lacquer Oak Ydre
7026024EKMO 7026024EKMO Matt lacquer Oak Möre
7026024EKVS 7026024EKVS Matt lacquer Oak Vista
7026024EKVE 7026024EKVE Matt lacquer Oak Vedbo
7026024EKGG 7026024EKGG Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Greige
7026024EKVV 7026024EKVV Matt lacquer Oak Cirrus
7026024EK5E 7026024EK5E Matt lacquer Oak black
7026024JH50 7026024JH50 Silk lacquer Oak Jarrah-stained
7026024EKST 7026024EKST Oil Oak Sture/Berlin
7026024EKFC 7026024EKFC Matt lacquer Oak Earth
7026024EKXC 7026024EKXC Matt lacquer Oak Marrone
7026024EKA8 7026024EKA8 High gloss lacquer Beech Baccarat
7026024EKD8 7026024EKD8 High gloss lacquer Oak Fumoir
7026024EK5V 7026024EK5V Matt lacquer Oak white
7026024JO50 7026024JO50 Silk lacquer Jatoba
7026024EKFG 7026024EKFG Oil Oak Granite/Soil
7026024EK10 7026024EK10 Matt lacquer Oak
7026024EKA0 7026024EKA0 Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Charcoal
7026024EK5X 7026024EK5X Silk lacquer Oak Deep Red
7026024REK09 7026024REK09 Matt lacquer Oak Smoke/Trollaborg/Fredrik
7026024EKG8 7026024EKG8 High gloss lacquer Oak Tabac
7026024EKP8 7026024EKP8 High gloss lacquer Oak Pearl
7026024EKXF 7026024EKXF Matt lacquer Oak grey
7026024EKF0 7026024EKF0 Oil Oak
7026024VA50 7026024VA50 Silk lacquer Walnut
7026024EK50 7026024EK50 Silk lacquer Oak
7026024EL50 7026024EL50 Silk lacquer European maple
7026024AK1V 7026024AK1V Matt lacquer Ash white
7026024CH50 7026024CH50 Silk lacquer Cherry
7026024EKFE 7026024EKFE Oil Oak Bean/Soil
7026024AK50 7026024AK50 Silk lacquer Ash
7026024EK5B 7026024EK5B Oil Oak Nouveau Dun/Kernel/Moss
7026024EKXB 7026024EKXB Matt lacquer Oak Slate
7026024EKFS 7026024EKFS Matt lacquer Oak Tan
7026024EKS8 7026024EKS8 High gloss lacquer Ash Black Silver
7026024EKW8 7026024EKW8 High gloss lacquer Beech Opaque
7026024EEKF0 7026024EEKF0 Oil Oak Smoke Oiled
7026024EKC8 7026024EKC8 High gloss lacquer Ash Black Copper
7026024EKFV 7026024EKFV Oil Oak Dew/Cirrus
7026024EK5G 7026024EK5G Matt lacquer Oak bronze
7026024EKXH 7026024EKXH Matt lacquer Oak Linen
7026024AP50 7026024AP50 Silk lacquer Hard maple
7026024EKGR 7026024EKGR Matt lacquer Oak grey
7026024AKW1 7026024AKW1 Matt lacquer Ash white
7026024BJ50 7026024BJ50 Silk lacquer Birch
7026024EKXV 7026024EKXV Matt lacquer Oak Gustaf/Oyster
7026024EK0W 7026024EK0W Matt lacquer Oak Snow
7026024EKPI 7026024EKPI Oil Oak Ulf
7026024AK10 7026024AK10 Matt lacquer Ash
7026024EK5Y 7026024EK5Y Silk lacquer Oak Brown
7026024EKOL 7026024EKOL Oil Oak Olof
7026024ER50 7026024ER50 Silk lacquer Red Oak
7026024BK50 7026024BK50 Silk lacquer Beech