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Skirting Akkelis 16x60 mm - 722166024LTAK | Kährs

LT Skirting 16x60 mm

Skirtings add the final touch to your Kährs floor. Colour matched to all Kährs Luxury Tiles floors.
Article number
Surface treatment
Wood specie
Surface colour
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Article number Surface treatment Wood specie Surface colour Length
722166024LTAK 722166024LTAK Akkelis 2400 mm
722166024LTAS 722166024LTAS Aspen 2400 mm
722166024LTFL 722166024LTFL Foloi 2400 mm
722166024LTKL 722166024LTKL Kilsbergen 2400 mm
722166024LTOT 722166024LTOT Otago 2400 mm
722166024LTHA 722166024LTHA Hanmer 2400 mm
722166024LTFN 722166024LTFN Fontin 2400 mm
722166024LTBL 722166024LTBL Blaiken 2400 mm
722166024LTPA 722166024LTPA Pando 2400 mm
722166024LTSO 722166024LTSO Sapo 2400 mm
722166024LTTK 722166024LTTK Takayna 2400 mm
722166024LTDI 722166024LTDI Didnok 2400 mm
722166024LTSH 722166024LTSH Schwarzhorn 2400 mm
722166024LTST 722166024LTST Steele 2400 mm
722166024LTKI 722166024LTKI Kilimanjaro 2400 mm
722166024LTKE 722166024LTKE Kebnekaise 2400 mm
722166024LTGR 722166024LTGR Grossglockner 2400 mm
722166024LTMT 722166024LTMT Matterhorn 2400 mm
722166024LTMA 722166024LTMA Makalu 2400 mm
722166024LTLU 722166024LTLU Lucania 2400 mm
722166024LTSW 722166024LTSW Schwarzwald 2400 mm
722166024LTRI 722166024LTRI Riva 2400 mm
722166024LTYU 722166024LTYU Yukon 2400 mm
722166024LTNI 722166024LTNI Niagara 2400 mm
722166024LTAM 722166024LTAM Amazon 2400 mm
722166024LTDA 722166024LTDA Daintree 2400 mm
722166024LTKO 722166024LTKO Komi 2400 mm
722166024LTBE 722166024LTBE Belluno 2400 mm
722166024LTSX 722166024LTSX Saxon 2400 mm
722166024LTKA 722166024LTKA Kannur 2400 mm
722166024LTDU 722166024LTDU Durmitor 2400 mm
722166024LTCA 722166024LTCA Calder 2400 mm
722166024LTTO 722166024LTTO Tongass 2400 mm
722166024LTTI 722166024LTTI Tiveden 2400 mm
722166024LTSA 722166024LTSA Sarek 2400 mm
722166024LTRE 722166024LTRE Redwood 2400 mm
722166024LTSE 722166024LTSE Sheerwood 2400 mm
722166024LTTA 722166024LTTA Taiga 2400 mm
722166024LTOU 722166024LTOU Oulanka 2400 mm
722166024LTWH 722166024LTWH Whinfell 2400 mm