Solid Skirting-Board 15x60 mm

Solid skirtings add the perfect touch to your Kährs floor. Made of solid wood, they are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your tastes. Works for all thicknesses of Kährs floors.
Article number
InstallationNailed or glued to wall.
Surface treatment
Wood specie
Surface colour
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Article number Surface treatment Wood specie Surface colour Length
717024EKTV 717024EKTV Matt lacquer Oak Tveta 2420 mm
717024EKFI 717024EKFI Matt lacquer Oak Finnveden 2420 mm
717024EKHA 717024EKHA Matt lacquer Oak Handbörd 2420 mm
717024EKKI 717024EKKI Matt lacquer Oak Kinda 2420 mm
717024EKAS 717024EKAS Matt lacquer Oak Aspeland 2420 mm
717024EKSE 717024EKSE Matt lacquer Oak Sevede 2420 mm
717024EKVE 717024EKVE Matt lacquer Oak Vedbo 2420 mm
717024EKYD 717024EKYD Matt lacquer Oak Ydre 2420 mm
717024EKMO 717024EKMO Matt lacquer Oak Möre 2420 mm
717024EKVI 717024EKVI Matt lacquer Oak Vista 2420 mm