Veneered Skirting 22x60 mm

Veneered skirtings add the final touch to your Kährs floor. Available in veneers of many differing wood species, these profiles offer design and style at affordable prices. Works for all thicknesses of Kährs floors.
InstallationClips make installation easy and give perfect results when installing veneered skirtings. Available for sale in 30 clips per package.
Article number
Surface treatment
Wood specie
Surface colour
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Article number Surface treatment Wood specie Surface colour
70245024ER50 70245024ER50 Silk lacquer Red Oak
70245024EKPI 70245024EKPI Matt lacquer Oak Ulf
70245024EK5B 70245024EK5B Oil Oak Nouveau Dun/Kernel/Moss
70245024EKXM 70245024EKXM Matt lacquer Oak Maison
70245024EK5Y 70245024EK5Y Silk lacquer Oak Brown
70245024EKXC 70245024EKXC Matt lacquer Oak Marrone
70245024EKFM 70245024EKFM Matt lacquer Oak Manor
70245024BK50 70245024BK50 Silk lacquer Beech
70245024EKOL 70245024EKOL Matt lacquer Oak Aspeland/Vista/Olof
70245024EEKF0 70245024EEKF0 Oil Oak Smoke Oiled
70245024EK5C 70245024EK5C Matt lacquer Oak Cognac
70245024EKXV 70245024EKXV Matt lacquer Oak Gustaf/Oyster
70245024EKFE 70245024EKFE Oil Oak Tveta/Soil
70245024EKGR 70245024EKGR Matt lacquer Oak Grey
70245024EL50 70245024EL50 Silk lacquer European maple
70245024BJ50 70245024BJ50 Silk lacquer Birch
70245024EKXH 70245024EKXH Matt lacquer Oak Kinda/Möre
70245024EK5X 70245024EK5X Silk lacquer Oak Deep Red
70245024EKXB 70245024EKXB Matt lacquer Oak Slate
70245024EKA0 70245024EKA0 Matt lacquer Oak Nouveau Charcoal/Castle
70245024EKST 70245024EKST Matt lacquer Oak Sture/Berlin
70245024EKFJ 70245024EKFJ Matt lacquer Oak Espace
70245024JO50 70245024JO50 Silk lacquer Beech Jatoba-stained