Oak is a beautiful and durable wood with plenty of character. It offers many design possibilities when used in an oak wood flooring.



An oak floor is beautiful, durable and have lots of character. Several surface treatments and colouring methods provide almost endless customization possibilities such as white oak flooring. The wood keeps its natural beauty and characteristic pattern, even after treatment.

Oak has a long, straight grain with a silvery structure. The colour varies from light to dark brown and over time the wood can develop an amber-like tone. Since oak is such a versatile wood, it’s used in many of our parquet floors.

Oak wood has a tradition of being used for constructions that need to withstand the forces of nature. In fact, the Swedish Navy used oak to build their ships. At that time the Swedish crown owned all the oaks in Sweden, but they also reforested to provide builders with wood for the future. That’s one of the main reasons why Sweden has such a dense population of oak trees today. We rarely build ships from oak anymore. The wood is instead used to manufacture things like furniture and flooring. Oak’s durability makes it particularly suitable for oak floors.

Historic oak wood floors

Speaking of history, Kährs have even manufactured oak wood flooring from historic oaks. In 2011, we launched the Visingsö floor, a limited-edition oak floor made from oaks planted by the Swedish crown on the island of Visingsö. The crown had once reserved the oaks for ship building, but as technology progressed the oaks were never used as intended. When later felled for conservation purposes, Kährs got the exclusive chance to buy the trees and produce engineered oak flooring.

Oak wood from local sources

When an oak tree is ready to be felled, it has been cared for by several generations of foresters. The process from seed to finished product is long, but the result is an oak floor that can live in a home for many years. Most of the oaks used to manufacture our oak wood flooring come from the area surrounding our factory. This means we get high quality wood with shorter transportation. Kährs also works with foresters to contribute to more sustainable forestry.

Oak wood floors from Kährs

Here is a selection of the many oak floors we manufacture, including white oak floors. In our floor guide you can see all our parquet floors.