We know that modern home flooring has to withstand many challenges. We’ve therefore designed Kährs Luxury Tiles vinyl floors for everyday home use. For a beautiful appearance with durability you can trust, they combine the elegance of wood and stone floors with all the advantages of modern technology and craftsmanship. An extensive range of styles and colours means there’s a vinyl floor for every room in your home. Our vinyl floors are
also completely phthalate-free.



Kährs Luxury Tiles Click collection is designed for homes and public spaces that require beautiful and durable vinyl floors with glue-free installation. Vinyl floors in our Click collection are available in a variety of wood and stone styles. Thanks to our innovative 5G click system, they’re highly stable and easy to install.

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Dry back

The vinyl floors in our Dry Back collection feature a protective layer that is 0.7mm thick, a tough vinyl core and a ceramic surface. When combined, these provide a durable floor that’s suitable even for spaces with intense levels of foot traffic. Dry Back is available in a wide variety of exciting stone and wood finishes with motifs both rustic and modern.

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Dry back Xpression

Made of our innovative, unique material Enomer®, the Dry Back Xpression vinyl floors have been specially developed with health in mind. Made from a unique material that is completely free from PVC, vinyl floors in this collection come in several wood themes.

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Loose lay

The Kährs Luxury Tiles Loose Lay collection consists of a range of modular floors featuring wood and stone designs. They are easy and fast to install, featuring a non-slip reverse side requiring no adhesive. This makes them perfect for both permanent and temporary use, such as for fairs and shows. The floors are 5.0 millimeter thick, which makes them ideal for combining with textile without any difference in level.

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