Royal is one of our most exclusive collections. The grand and noble design lets Royal dress any room in an elegant way. The collection features our widest floorboards, highlighting the wood in all its beauty with a brushed, oiled surface for a true authentic look. You have a certain expectation of a mansion’s interior. When entering the building, the first thing you notice is the floor: the wide planks with an oiled surface, give the room a majestic yet natural appearance.

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Super wide planks are traditionally connected to castles, historic mansions, and exclusive modern villas. The majestic, noble, and grand design sets the scene for the interior and emphasizes a feeling of luxury. The production process requires a high degree of craftsmanship and only the largest logs can be used to make these wide planks. The Royal Collection’s name was inspired by the majestic impression these floors give to any interior.


Nature is crucial to our wellbeing. There is nothing like the forest to soothe you in stressful times, the sound of leaves in the wind, birds flying by, and the scent of spring. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in our lives – including the use of natural materials in our homes. ​A wooden floor brings that natural and authentic look and feel to your home: They keep your feet warm on cold days and comfortably cool in the summer, thanks to their natural structure. Wood was designed by nature to be a great insulator with thousands of air chambers per cubic inch, for a comfortable feeling underfoot all year round.

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​With a long life comes a story to tell. As years pass by and life happens, memories are created. Look at an old wooden floor, you can almost see the memories printed into the floor. The oiled surface enhances the authentic look of the floor and contributes to its beautiful aging.​ A floor is the solid base of a home, something that you carefully choose and care for over decades. When the furniture gets replaced, the floor is still there as a foundation. So, chose your floor wisely. 



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