Walnut is a popular wood for floors, furniture and interior decor details. The wood has a distinct and bold grain, intensive colours and solid structure. Features that make it perfect for flooring. Read more about walnut floors here.


Walnut wood flooring

Delicious and nutritious nuts are not the only thing we enjoy from the walnut tree. Walnut is a hard, solid wood with a distinct, bold grain. It has an intense, rich brown colour that gives a room a warm and exclusive feel. All features that have made it a popular flooring alternative.

The thin sapwood of the walnut tree often has a whitish grey colour. Walnut heartwood is light to intense dark chocolate brown. Over time the wood lightens and develops a more golden-brown tone.

Popular for wood flooring and interior décor

Walnut is not only a wood for flooring, the wood is often found in furniture, interior decor and woodwork. Its intense colour and solid properties have made it a favourite for carpentry. The wood is often used as veneer, a thin layer of hardwood on top of less exclusive types of wood. You often find solid walnut in gunstocks and electric guitars, among other things.  

Walnut floors from a healthy population

In ideal conditions, the walnut tree grows 15 meters tall, with a trunk of up to two meters in diameter. Walnut trees grow in southern Sweden, where you can find Kährs’ main factory. They also grow in larger numbers on the European continent. This means we don’t have to transport the wood over long distances before it reaches our factory.

One reason for the popularity of the walnut tree is its nutritious nuts. When man started cultivating the walnut tree, its main purpose was as a source of food. Now they are also grown for wood.

Walnut wood floors from Kährs

Below is a selection of the walnut wood floors we manufacture at Kährs. You can see all our wood floors in our floor guide.