The summer sunlight floods in from every direction through skylights as well as large glass doors and windows. 


The boundary between indoors and outdoors disappears

The views from this house are as magnificent as those of a beautiful painting. When the large glass doors are opened, the boundary between indoors and outdoors disappears. Nature and the sea are constant companions. The beauty of nature, the beach, the sand and decking seamlessly merge with the flooring
in the house.

Throughout the house you will find splendid Oak floors

This modern holiday home is just a stone’s throw from the beach. The magical light floods in through skylights and glass walls. The glass partitions facing the sea are often drawn aside to offer unrivalled views, the scent of the salt-tanged sea breeze and the feel of whirling grains of sand. Throughout the house you will find splendid Oak floors.

The architectural design language is Scandinavian, with clean lines, glass, and natural materials. All of the walls are timber-clad in a natural shade, or stained black or white. The only tone allowed to clash with this calm color scheme is the touches of red in fabrics and artwork.