A flat in a converted factory has been turned into a home where industrial vibes meets pop culture. A brown wood floor creates a warm backdrop to the truly personal mix.


Warm brown fits perfectly with this home

The living room/kitchen area consists of one large room, where a sense of coziness has been created through using generous sofas, splashes of bold color and a brown wood floor. Oak Sevede features rich and warm tones from amber with natural contrast and liveliness. The scraped 3-dimensional structure enhances the knots, giving the floor a worn look and feel. For the entrance, Oak Smoke has been selected. The rich brown hues prominent in this floor are enhanced by its richly smoked finish.

Brown wood floors

Nothing can create instant warmth quite like a brown wood floor. The rich, earthy tones of amber and hazel create a perfect backdrop for both traditional and contemporary interiors, providing an authentic aged look. Our brown floors come in a range of rich shades, various designs and surface treatments.

Oak Smoke

Warm brown wood floors