A dark wood floor to soften the mood

Concrete, steel and glass highlight the stark design and strong architectural features of this former World War II bunker, built in 1939 in Hamburg. The ultimately industrial space has been transformed into a light-filled and modern home, in which dark wood floors and insets of bronze and marble add an air of elegance.

This home was designed as an open-plan living space with the bedroom separated from the main room with a glass curtain. Floor-to-ceiling windows were added to let natural light in, while dark wood floors were used to soften the mood. For the social areas and the bedroom, Oak Tveta was installed. The rich, coffee stain on this plank Oak floor allows the fully smoked, charcoal nuances in the wood to seep through, resulting in a very rustic expression. Occasional saw marks give the floor a restored appearance. The hall and kitchen feature the lightly smoked and stained Oak Gate, rich in color variations ranging from chocolaty onyx to coppery brown.

Dark floors

Dark wood floors create a solid ground. They bring a sense of sophistication and richness to the interior. They never seem to go out of fashion, they are always trendy and in style. The contrast between dark wood floors and bright, light walls for many people epitomize a sophisticated and upmarket style. Our dark floors come in many designs and surface treatments.