The tranquility of the forest meets elegant classics in this spacious villa on the edge of the woods. 


Sophisticated elegance with a golden brown wood floor

The homeowners have created a schoolbook example of modern rustic, where golden brown wood floors add an element of warmth and understated elegance to their home.

Peace of mind immediately sets in when entering this house, embedded in greenery and full of tranquility. It is difficult to imagine that it is located only half an hour’s drive from the city center. Light flows freely through huge windows and is turned into golden rays by the Oak Vedbo floor with its warm golden hue and late autumn harvest tones. The floor has a lively expression with naturally balanced contrasts. Each board has been carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood. For the bedrooms, Oak Suede floor has been chosen. Planks with a similar grain, minimal knots and a consistent golden color make up this uniform, single-strip Oak floor. The matte finish eliminates glare while protecting the wood from daily wear. Both floors feature boards with four-sided beveling at the edges to ensure a classic look and feel.

Rich tones of honey and amber characterize our range of golden brown floors, designed to add a sense of classic sophistication and warmth to any interior. Our selection includes floors featuring different designs and different surface treatments.

Oak Suede

Golden brown floors