Opposites attract. Light, warm wood floors and cold concrete can be a perfect combination.


Lighten up your home with a white floor

Light wood floors soften the mood of this urban home with industrial influences. Throughout the house, an earthy combination of off whites, grays and muted natural hues have been used to create a soothing backdrop for a hectic city life.

White floors

Relaxed, yet refined, white wood floors create a perfect canvas for showing off your furniture and the design details of your home. They also instantly brighten any interior. Our white floors come in a wide range of shades from crispy cold to warm white.

Oak Vista and Oak Limestone

The misty white stained Oak Vista chosen for the living area of this stylishly understated home, gracefully balances the light and dark contrasts in the wood. Each board has been meticulously handscraped, which enhances the rustic appearance. Four-sided beveling at the edges ensures a classic plank look and feel. The bedroom and hall feature the whisper-white Oak Limestone. This strip floor has a clean and even expression, with each board carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the timber, while the matte finish eliminates glare and protects the wood from daily wear.


Light wood floors