Wood is the world’s most environmentally friendly building material. The production of materials made from wood consumes very small amounts of energy and results in very small emissions of carbon dioxide.


To choose a wood floor is to make a responsible choice

We appreciate beauty. That’s why we produce the most beautiful floors on the market. We also love nature. That’s why we strive to manufacture our floors in the most sustainable way. We call it “Beauty with a conscience”.

To choose a wood floor is to make a responsible choice, both when it comes to the indoor and outdoor environment. To pick one from Kährs means making an even smarter green choice. Our innovations have radically changed the production of wood floors globally – while at the same time contributing to a brighter future for our planet.

Pioneers in sustainability

Kährs invented the modern, engineered wood floor in 1941 and, in doing so, created a much more effective way of utilizing the raw material – which was later adopted worldwide. We were also the first company to use glueless joints. In 1993, Kährs was the first wood flooring producer in the world to be awarded an environmental certification according to ISO 9001 and four years later the operations were certified according to ISO 14001.

Focus on energy and raw material

Kährs is one of the leading producers of wood floors in the world. Not only does this mean that we have the opportunity, but also the responsibility to use our influence to pursue matters that are important for both our customers, the company and society in general.

Green thinking at every stage

Throughout the production process, we strive to always pick the most sustainable option. One example is that we only cooperate with certified forestry suppliers. A major part of the raw material is derived from local forestry farmers; something that both reduces transport and increases control. We only use water-based surface treatments and our floors are easy to keep clean without the use of strong chemicals.