A look and feel of untreated, newly sawn timber characterises Kährs two new collections – Lux and Lumen. The effect is achieved by treating the surface of these floors with an innovative, ultra-matt lacquer.


Lux and Lumen Collections

The floors come in a range of soft and natural colours, with the 1- and 3-strip varieties offering endless possibilities of mixing and matching.

The innovative surface treatment of Lux and Lumen is non-reflective, effectively enhancing the colour of the floor while giving it a silky, yet strong shield against wear and tear. The technically advanced lacquer is a result of close cooperation between Kährs specialists at surface treatments and design team, as well as suppliers of lacquers, who constantly work together to perfect the looks, durability and sustainability of Kährs wood floors.

The colours of these two collections range from a milky white to a smoked, deep brown with black elements. All 3-strip Lumen floors have a colour-matched counterpart in the 1-strip Lux collection, enabling mixing and matching while achieving a homogeneous look - for example, using a 1-strip floor in the living room and its 3-strip counterpart in the bedroom.

The Lux 1-strip collection consists of six oak floors and one in ash, Lux Air, which is one of the whitest floors Kährs offers. All floors in Lux Collection feature bevelled edges.

The Lumen 3-strip collection includes six oak floors in natural and soft colours, ranging from light to dark. Just like their Lux counterparts, they are made from clean and homogenous wood.